March Madness

Forget basketball–this is a much better way to spend the month of March! I’ve been collecting even more treasures to share with attendees at the July retreat! I stumbled across an estate sale where the owner had been a costume designer for the theater–I was in heaven, diving for things before the antique dealers could claim them. It was the next best thing to winning the lottery (maybe even better!)

And there were more goodies to be had at the Alameda earlier this month, where it’s just as much fun to people-watch as it is to hunt for stuff. The only problem is that I spend so much of my time scanning for hidden treasures, that I forget to look up! I was talking to a friend the other night and we were saying how hard it is to meet up with people we know there because we’re always searching the aisles; the only time we actually ‘see’ someone we know is when we’re grabbing for the same thing…lol!

Char, Stephanie, Lorri and I managed to finagle seats at this fabulous table (check out those embroidered chair seats!); we were happy to show folks what a great dining experience they could have if they purchased it. The owner was very grateful for our sales pitch, and even had a taker as we were leaving.

Actually, getting a seat anywhere is quite a coup—Stephanie and I have been known to just plop ourselves down on the ground and stare at feet going by while we much on our sausage dogs. So this really was fine dining, all things considered.

I didn’t take as many pictures this last time—wish I had though. I always come home so inspired by the creative souls that show up. It’s just a feast for the eyes. This gal on the right is there every month, always smiling, always looking fabulous. Just look at that hat and purse she made—heck, she probably made every item she’s wearing! I told her that I want to be her when I grow up. Really, I do. I’d better start practicing soon though…

And these tights are just a hoot, aren’t they? Now you know what to do with all those jars of buttons you’ve been amassing. Not sure I could get away with that, but it does give me ideas! What are your favorite finds at your local flea market? I’d love to hear about them!

All this gathering and sorting, plotting and planning for the upcoming retreat is just a blast. This is the part I love–cooking up all the fun stuff and envisioning all of us up there, just soaking up the creative energy. There’s still room for you if you’d like to join us! Everyone who attended the Feb. retreat really loved the setting; the 3-days with one instructor; the small size; and the camaraderie that was created. With Stephanie Lee, Katie Kendrick, Judy Wise, Richard Salley and DJ Pettitt teaching, I’m certain that it will be equally as magical. They designed their classes especially for An Artful Journey, so check them out! More soon…

Pure Magic…

(photo courtesy of DJ Pettitt)

An Artful Journey retreat ended a week ago, but there’s still a soft buzz in the air around here. I’m still floating along, not nearly ready to move on from the incredible aura that was created up there on that mountain. A community of artists, most of them strangers on that first day, came together and created pure magic.

(photo courtesy of Chrissy Gardner)

It was a combination of the peaceful venue, the talented and giving instructors, the Presentation Center staff, and every single attendee, each of whom arrived with an open, willing spirit. Just look at these beautiful faces.

Even the weather cooperated. The forecasts were for rain every day, but we had just a day and a bit of drizzly soft sprinkles. Amazing.

(photo courtesy of Chrissy Gardner)

There was a collective consciousness in that sacred place among the redwoods, and I’m so grateful to have witnessed it. I know that the effects of that time together will ripple out and touch others, as it touched us when we were there. What a gift.

Words don’t do it justice. All I know for sure is that we were meant to be there together—no doubt about it.

(photo courtesy of Chrissy Gardner)

I’m excited about where this Journey is heading—I hope you’ll join up with me somewhere along the way.