Color-full days

Out and about, focusing on color. It seems to be sprouting up everywhere lately.

How cool are these birdhouses made of wood and metal? Makes me want to go hunt down my tin snips…

Having grown up with two brothers, and then having two sons, I didn’t do the girlie stuff (even now my friends can’t talk me into a pedicure). Now that I have two granddaughters, maybe I’ll make up for lost time. At the very least, I can practice on them…they’re very forgiving. For now.

Hope you’re enjoying the warmth of these long summer days!

9 thoughts on “Color-full days”

  1. THAT was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Really glad you decided to join us.
    Next time, movie and dinner…sooner than later!

  2. Hello Cindy – how lovely to go out and about looking for colour. I think I might try that one tomorrow. i am just emerging from a winter long love affair with dark blue and black. In some attempt to limit my wardrobe to things that go together. I am now becoming fascinated with the world of colourful again.

    Other than that and other than the fact that I Would LOVE to come to one of your retreats – but live too far away in another country. I wonder if you have any advice you would like to share to someone who wants to set up a similar type of retreat in the UK. I don’t think there is anything like it here. And I want there to be.

  3. p.s its a bunch of us doing Kelly Rae’s Flying Lessons course oh and Mondo Beyondo – so its part of our create our tribe mission. And it is indeed a personal MOndo Beyondo dream….

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