Hello there!  I’m Cindy Woods, the owner of An Artful Journey, and I’m so happy you found me here!  I created this retreat in 2008, after my life had turned sideways and upside down.  I was yearning for the type of retreat that I wanted to attend myself–one that was set in nature, that didn’t feel rushed and frantic, that offered the chance to spend time with just one instructor and really dig deep.  Over the past few years, my dreams were realized, and so many wonderful memories have been made.  And, it’s STILL the retreat that I would love to attend myself!

In addition to organizing retreats, my other passions are spending time with my grandgirlies, my soul-dog, Stella, and my crazy cat, Mad Max.  I’ve also just completed Life Coach Training with Martha Beck, and am excited about the opportunity to help  other women overcome challenges and create the lives they’re meant to live.  More on that soon!

I can be reached at: or visit me on Facebook!