Encaustic Journaling

With Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

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Date: September 19 & 20, 2009
Time: 9:00am—4:30pm
Location: Presentation Center, Los Gatos CA
Fee: $295 (includes lunches and snacks) plus $15 supply fee payable to instructor on first day of class
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Through the use of image transfer, letter punches, word and number inclusions, collage layering and textural expression, beeswax has become my paper, my paintbrush and my pen! Come join me in creating stand-alone or multiple storied paintings in encaustic that will reflect, dissect and express your own voice and inner musings. The workshop will begin with demonstrations in basic encaustic techniques, followed by time to become comfortable painting in wax. From there we’ll explore numerous techniques as I continue to demonstrate, then assist you individually as you create your own projects in wax journaling.

I will supply the wax, encaustic colors and the heating materials for use with encaustic so that you don’t have to invest in materials before you know what it’s all about! I’ll also bring a small selection of collage materials and carving tools, but you’ll need to bring your own personality to infuse your work! Collect collage material, interesting carving tools, objects to press into the wax, image or photo transfers, and ephemera that you would like to embed in the wax. Google ‘encaustic’ online to get ideas of what other artists are doing in this medium—you’ll get some great ideas for tools and items to bring.

While the only critical supplies are the boards and paintbrushes, you will be much happier if you bring as much as you can to personalize your work.

Supply List

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  • wood on which to paint (I recommend Ampersand claybord smooth in assorted sizes, or hardware (store plywood.) Bring at least a dozen boards, but no larger than 8”x10” or we won’t have enough wax. I’ll be working on claybord smooth 8x8x2 cradled boards for class demos.
  • collage material – old paintings, decorative papers, fabric, yarn, string, wired, beads, etc.
  • impression makers – screen, hardware, natural materials, scrapbooking items
  • image transfers – Xerox copies of photos, numbers and words (when printing words and numbers, be sure that you print a mirror image for the transfers). The copies must be Xerox or laserjet prints, not inkjet. Bring both color and black and white; rub-ons (scrapbooking supplies)
  • oil bar (www.rfpaints.com) or oil paint; either will work just fine
  • paper towels
  • carving tools – razor blades, scrapers, palette knives, pottery tools, cookie cutters, any metal that will cut into or carve into the wax
  • small hake or hog bristle brushes if you would like to paint in detail (I’ll have just large flat brushes for class use)
  • latex or rubber gloves
  • gold or other foil - Renaissance foil from Michael’s works well
  • Saral transfer paper (found at art supply stores in the drawing supplies)

Email me at pbsartist@aol.com with any questions!


Fee is due in full and is payable by check, cashiers check or money order (if this poses an undue hardship, please note in comments area on the form and you will be contacted personally). Your spot will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis—your space will be confirmed via email and you will be given the address to send your payment. Payment is due in full within 10 days of your confirmation being SENT, so please be sure to check your email frequently!

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All cancellations prior to August 15th incur a $50 cancellation fee.

August 15th - last day to cancel and receive partial refund.

An Artful Journey (AAJ) reserves the right to cancel a workshop that does not meet minimum attendance requirements, in which case you will receive a full refund.

In the event that an instructor becomes unable to participate after the cancellation deadline, AAJ may substitute one of like caliber, and you will be given the option of attending or receiving a full refund.

AAJ reserves the right to cancel this event in the case of unforeseen occurrences, including acts of GOD, in which case the full class fee will be refunded.