First up, Houston…

I took a little journey to Houston, checking out the International Quilt Show there. DJ and I went and helped out a bit in Lesley Riley’s booth, wandered the aisles, took some photos, and had some adventures in our short time there, including: getting stuck in an elevator (and not even realizing it had stopped); riding a bikecab for the first time; being evacuated from the hotel; taking photos at midnight on the downtown streets; leaving purses and suitcases in various places; having my return flight canceled, etc.

And we ran into familiar (and not so familiar) faces! It was a nice surprise…

Up next…Journalfest

2 thoughts on “First up, Houston…”

  1. Wow, full of adventures is right, Cindy! In between cancelled flights and evacuations it looks as though you were able to have a good time with friends and shopping at the quilt show. You are a busy lady with having also gone to Journalfest and then registration opens up for Artful Journey this week. It’s all good!

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