Hunting and Gathering…and a Give-Away!

Hunting season has officially begun and the search is on for yummy provisions for the next Artful Journey!

I went to a local vendor faire last weekend up in the Santa Cruz mountains.  It was a gorgeous day, with lots of artsy vendors, happy faces, good food, and friendly little goat families. (I bet you can guess who was first in line for the bus!)

I picked up three amazing old ledgers from Brussels, which will likely be put to good use in some way for retreat attendees—the largest journal is HUGE, about 24″x26″!

Some of the pages will definitely end up in Provisions packets that I’ll have for sale at the retreat as well.  But since I’m not the greedy type, I’m going to share the bounty with a couple of readers here (a few pages from other vintage ledgers just might find their way in there too–you just don’t know).  Just leave a comment on this blog post and I’ll mail out a nice little packet to two lucky winners next Friday.  Be sure to leave an email, so I can get in touch with you!

Just in case you were wondering, Max is also doing some hunting and gathering…sigh.  So far, I’ve received gifts of a dead mouse, a live rat, a robin, a scrub jay and a crow—I’ll spare you the details.  Yep, we’re in full wild kingdom mode around here.  Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you on the other side!

17 thoughts on “Hunting and Gathering…and a Give-Away!”

  1. I love old ledgers, too. And your kitty is in full Spring mode, sounds like…

    We adopted an 8 year old cat named SuzyQ, from the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. She has been with us for two weeks now. Great little one.

  2. Hi Cindy,

    LOVE those ledgers!! You scored! Heading up to Los Gatos with my kids for the holiday weekend. This trip is about a visit with my sister. Next trip is about an Artful Journey! So excited I could squeal.

    xoxox – Mikki

  3. I want to find cool ledgers! We went to the Rose Bowl flea market and looked and looked and came up empty handed.

    Can’t wait to join for my 3rd Artful Journey in 2013!


  4. Xcuse me ??? From Brussels ? Did not know I could find these kind of ledgers in Brussels. okaaay i am gonna search now ! But anyway, I will be there in Feb 2013
    Sophie from Dubai

  5. New to the blog via the blog hop for Orly’s book! Love the kitty! So cute! My kitty brings us all types of things too, they are so funny! Would love to receive some goodies in the mail!

  6. Oh, Cindy, one of these days I’m going to be in your area and get to attend a faire like this. We don’t have them in AZ that I know of. Oh, well. I simple love old ledger pages and would enjoy winning one of your sets. Good to see you on blogland.


  7. OMG – 24″ by 26″ ledger??!?!?! That is a ledger for a GIANT!! 😉 I don’t suppose a page from that ledger will be part of the giveaway, will it?? I can’t wait to see what you make for the retreat next year and I am SO looking forward to being there and seeing old art-full friends again =-)

    BTW: here is an email to use
    thecreativebeast at gmail dot com

  8. Yum! I love those ledger pages and will put them to GREAT USE if I am so lucky to be one of your winners. Can’t wait for Feb 2013, girlie. xo Lorie

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