Looking Back…Leaning Forward

I’m seriously delirious looking over some of the photos of past retreats, with the paints, papers and other materials spilling out all over the place.  I’m deep into reminiscing, which is getting me even more excited about next February’s An Artful Journey retreat.

I’m now officially in the ‘creative design’ mode, wondering what little gems will come to me in my dreams or in the shower…or where ever.  (I do my best creative problem-solving in the water or while driving.  When I’m out and about, I use Dragon Dictation to record my thoughts—it then sends me an email, so I don’t lose the random ideas that pop up unexpectedly.  But I’m still working on how to remember those fleeting thoughts when I’m in the shower—hmm, maybe a huge waterproof post-it note on the shower wall.  Wouldn’t that be great?!

For past retreats, I’ve had a blast making journals, bags, nametags, notepads, vintage bags, and other goodies.  This is the time of year I start seeing inspiration everywhere:  at flea markets, looking through photos, starting a creative project, and rummaging through my stash.  I never know where it’s all going to lead, but I know it’s going to be good!  I’m feeling the stirrings…

Right now, I’m inspired by looking through the class offerings here–have I mentioned how grateful I am that I have the most awesome instructors teaching for me??  I’m just thrilled to have all that talent in one place, at one time.  The retreat is the perfect place to gather after the busy holiday season; it’s a gift we should all give ourselves from time to time.  It’s a chance to renew our creative spirits and spend time with others who share the same artistic pursuits; time to take care of our selves after taking care of others around us; time to reawaken our passion.  Registration opens on Tuesday at noon, Pacific time—I hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “Looking Back…Leaning Forward”

  1. Cindy I just posted about my experience at the retreat this year and I’ll be posting about it again tomorrow and I do hope I can get into Albie Smiths’ bookmaking class unless I encouraged too many folks to do the same!!

    I’m glad that DJ will be there in case I get squeezed out of Albie’s class! 😉

  2. How exciting Cindy, tomorrow registration!!! I just finished listening to Rice’s interview with you…great interview Cindy, you are so amazing!! Loved listening to you. I am so jealous, I love Rice, I wish it was this time that I was teaching so I could meet her…waaaah…

    Excited to be seeing you so very soon sweet Cindy.

  3. Wish I was signing up to come along again. One of these years I will. I’m so excited that An Artful Journey continues to prosper and create amazing opportunities for artful souls to come together in that wonderful place. You’re amazing Cindy.

  4. Finally got to the computer to read your post…and laughing hysterically after looking (squinting) at the first two pics thinking “My gosh! that person uses all the same supplies I do…Wow! Even the same containers!” Then I put my glasses on and realized all that stuff WAS mine!!! Senior moment??

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