Provisions Give-Away!

In honor of registration opening tomorrow for the Artful Journey Retreat next February, I’m doing a give-away!  Just leave a comment and I’ll enter your name in a drawing for a Provisions packet—these are packets of goodies that I put together for Artist Sale at the retreat.  They’re usually a mix of fabric and vintage papers and ephemera, but I can customize it and do only fabric, only paper, or a combination of both.  I’ll pull the name next Sunday, July 17, so good luck!
ps–don’t forget to register for the retreat at noon tomorrow!  Whoohoo!

39 thoughts on “Provisions Give-Away!”

  1. hmmm, I’m not sure I need more ephemera or fabric but those bags look too beautiful to pass up!! BTW: I’ve just posted about my experience at the this years retreat and I’m REALLY looking forward to next years retreat too!

  2. Cindy, you create such beautiful packets … I have two that I picked up in 2010 at your inaugural AAJ. You are so talented, and so creative, and I’d sure love to win one of your Provision Packets :-). and lookie there – it looks like another Huffman will be registering for 2012 !! (no relation, though …)

  3. I would love to be included. When my son died I gave away my entire art studio and now after 9 months of not doing art I think I see some little treasures that might call me back! Thanks for sharing, Mollye

  4. I’m registering this year for the first time, which will also be my first attendance at a West Coast art retreat. can’t wait until Feb! Please enter me in the drawing for your yummy ephemera packets…

  5. I have heard nothing but goodness about your retreats, and hope it continues to be fabulous for a long time. Don’t need the goodies (would you like some of mine???) but thought I would stop by and say hello>

  6. I sit here watching the clock…hoping for the courage to just ‘Do it’. Oh yes those bags look delightful!Thank you for following your heart Cindy!

  7. Oh how I would love to win your pack . . . what a wonderful idea. Hope you are well, you are creating some beautiful and inspiring works lately. Love your blog! Love your work! Sending blessings.

  8. I hope to one day be able to go to the retreat. But winning a bag of ephemera would be the next best thing. Thank you for the chance! Rochelle

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