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Albie Smith

For three luxurious days, we’ll explore a vast array of surface design techniques on paper including paste paper, painting techniques, color washes and more. Take the time to gain confidence in expressing yourself through color, texture and design. Explore low-tech printing methods using found and natural objects along with the stamps and stencils in my collection. Creating with abandon, we’ll use acrylic gesso, paints, dyes and glazes as our primary mediums.

An Artful Journey  |  Albie Smith

It’s magical to take a plain piece of paper and turn it into a layered, colorful piece of art that can stand alone or be the basis for further embellishment. It’s a gift to ourselves to take the time to play with the tools and mediums long enough to find the freedom to make discoveries, to dare to keep going, to tease out another layer, another level of complexity and hold before us something uniquely our own.

An Artful Journey  |  Albie SmithAn Artful Journey  |  Albie Smith

Whether your style is delicate or bold; controlled or messy; colorful or muted; whimsical or elegant—you’ll have the chance to explore them all! We'll then take those gorgeous papers and make an assortment of soft-covered books with simple bindings.

An Artful Journey  |  Albie Smith

I hope you’ll consider joining us for this opportunity—the time, the abundance, and the support to play in color and form, and all in a beautiful, serene setting…

Supply List

Click here for a printable supply list.

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil or pen
  • Xacto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Bone folder
  • Tapestry needles size 22 and size 24, which usually come in a pack of 6 (available at a fabric or craft store)
  • Awl or Japanese screw punch with at least one small bit (1.5 or 2mm bit). I will have an extra one of these to share.
  • Apron
  • Vinyl gloves – bring several pairs for using with paints and dyes (seriously, the dye can stain your nails and fingers)
  • Palette
  • A couple of old credit cards for scraping and other techniques
  • 6 or more 2” wide utility brushes (less than $1 each at the hardware store)
  • A sponge for cleaning up your work space
  • 6 or more cosmetic sponges (the thick wedge shaped ones they sell at the beauty supply stores are my favorite)

Drawing paper, 70# weight or higher. It’s hard to know how much you will use so I suggest this economical choice: for about $10 Utrecht sells packages of 100 sheets of Utrecht brand 12”x18” drawing paper 70# (order in advance, they sometimes sell out)

Several of your favorite colors of acrylic paint (heavy body work best for paste paper and fluids work for other techniques). Check out the colors I will provide under the materials fee and bring other colors.

Note: One of the papers we will be using is Stonehenge white 22x30” sheets which we will tear down to the sizes needed. Since this is difficult to put in a suitcase and there is no way to know how much you will want to use, I will have it for purchase at cost which is approximately $1.85 per sheet. I will have some black Stonehenge also and it‘s cost is approximately $2.60 per sheet. Of course, if you have this or have another brand of printmaking paper you are welcome to bring it instead.

I will also have carving rubber available at cost for stamp carving.

Optional items:

  • Sponge brushes
  • Brayer foam, rubber, or patterned surface
  • Stencils or stamps (I will bring lots of these)
  • Glue stick
  • Papers you might want to experiment with – anything from gossamer thin to watercolor thick, and you know you have some patterned paper you never used but had to have. Let’s do something to it so it becomes yours!
  • Ribbons or fancy threads
  • Beads for bindings
  • Heat gun
  • Stamp carving tools if you have them, but don’t go out and buy them; I have several to share.

A materials fee of $30 (payable directly to instructor) includes:
Two types of white gesso, dyes, colored gesso, glazing liquid, waxed linen thread, water containers, paste, some paints (at the very least I will be bringing white, buff, black, purple, red, yellow orange, turquoise, blue, green) and an assortment of papers. I will be bringing my collection of stencils and stamps for your use and anything else we might need for a colorful time!

An Artful Journey  |  Albie SmithAn Artful Journey  |  Albie Smith
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