Nourishing the Creative Heart:
Personal Expressions in Mixed-Media

Katie Kendrick

"We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own and other people’s models, learn to be ourselves and allow our natural channel to open." –Shakti Gawain

Together we’ll collectively embark on a creative and soulful voyage to discover and uncover more of our hidden and authentic genius as we create a sacred space where we’re free to explore method and madness with gratitude and joy.

An Artful Journey  |  Katie Kendrick

For three days we’ll mindfully explore personal expression; one day we’ll focus on possibilities and techniques inherent in collage, one day we’ll explore painting, and on day three we’ll combine these mediums to create personal mixed media artwork.

We’ll hold an intention to focus on the connection between our body, mind, and emotions as we explore the creative process in an authentic and meaningful way, touching into the transformative nature of creating. I will share and demonstrate a variety of mixed-media techniques along with music, writing prompts, and themes for exploration to help guide you beneath the surface of your materials and methods.

An Artful Journey  |  Katie Kendrick

You’ll have the opportunity to work on substrates of your choice, creating several pieces over the course of the 3 days. Think of these works as ‘studies’ in self-expression, which may or may not end up as individual art pieces, or beginnings of other personal art projects. What you take home with you is completely up to you, as you’ll decide what it is you want to focus on during this time together.

I’ll be sharing a number of techniques and possibilities for further exploration which include painting and collaging stories, dreams, and visions; color mixing using the primary colors, layering to achieve depth, ways to create texture; aging surfaces; integrating water soluble media; imprinting; integrating collage images with paint and line, use of resists to add dimension; transfers; stencils; deconstructing layers and more.

An Artful Journey  |  Katie Kendrick

I hope you’ll join me for this rare opportunity to create from our hearts, forming a community of spirit and collaboration in this sacred space in the redwoods.

An Artful Journey  |  Katie KenrickAn Artful Journey  |  Katie KendrickAn Artful Journey  |  Katie KendrickAn Artful Journey  |  Katie KendrickAn Artful Journey  |  Katie Kendrick

Supply List

Click here for a printable supply list.

Basic supplies: scissors; pencil and notebook or writing paper; apron; paint palette; water container; rags (a couple of old cotton t-shirts are perfect); old credit card to use for scraping

Watercolor paper – 140# hot press. I use Fabriano or Portofino: get the large sheets if you want to work big or want to tear them into smaller pieces. I recommend having a minimum of 20 sheets of 9" x 12" or larger paper so you have plenty to work with OR a block of 9" x 12" paper, 20 sheets: here or here

OR you may bring alternative substrates like canvas, wood, large journal pages, etc. Bring plenty of painting surfaces though so we can paint and experiment like crazy. Please touch base with me via email if you’re planning on working on any substrate other than watercolor paper.

*** Optional*** I will be doing a short demo early in our session on making journals with vintage 78 record set albums. If you prefer to work in a book format, then this may be a good option. We’ll be covering the ‘pages’ with watercolor paper, then using the record inserts as pockets for your writings or other tidbits you’d like to enclose. If you have a 78 set album like one in the photo, that you’d like to turn into a journal, bring it, along with 15-20 sheets of watercolor paper (described above). I also have half a dozen albums I will sell for $5 each—if you’re interested in purchasing one, email me and I’ll bring one for you. You will also need to bring a roll of duct tape for this project in a solid or pattern of your choice. ***

An Artful Journey  |  Katie Kendrick

Collage materials — images and patterns that speak to you. Include some text in your piles. If you’re driving and have magazines you want to share with your classmates please bring them. I’ll have a stack of magazines to cut up as well.

16 oz. Golden Soft Gel (matte) — we’ll use this as an adhesive for our collages as well as a transfer medium

8 oz. white gesso

Heavy body acrylic paints — white, 2 reds, 2 blues, and 2 yellows, and black, plus a few more in your favorite colors. Make sure one of the red, blue, and yellow paints are mixing primaries--the others are your choice.

My favorite paints are Golden but they are pricey. A couple economical options are Dick Blick Studio paints: OR Liquitex Basics:

I’ll be using Golden paints plus a hodge-podge of others. The specific Golden paint colors I’ll be using are:

Hansa Yellow Medium
Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold
Phthalo Blue (Red Shade)
Paynes Gray
Naphthol Red Light
Quinacridone Crimson
Carbon Black
Titanium White

Paint Brushes An assortment of various sizes you like to paint with, including a fine tip for detail work. Princeton #9151 is an economical assortment if you need to purchase:

Stabilo Black pencil: #22092-2020:

Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Artists' Crayons — 4 crayons: two dark and two medium value

Optional — hair dryer, baby wipes, Derwent graphitint or inktense pencils, favorite stamps/stencils

I’ll also be bringing items to share, including stencils, charcoal, rubbing alcohol, hair dryer, stamps, colored pencils, and more…

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