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Last Night's Dream

A Shadowbox of Prayers and Intentions

Nina Bagley

Come spend three relaxing days with me in the beautiful California redwoods at Artful Journey, where we will create lovely shrine-like boxes that celebrate the quiet longings of our heart. I’ve always felt that the simple act of writing down one’s wishes, prayers, intentions and dreams helps to make them real; my house is filled with little drifting scraps of paper where I’ve jotted down favorite quotes, poems, and my own desires. How lovely, then, to have a place to honor and collect those dreams, where they can adorn a wall or rest on a tabletop beside a lit candle for positive affirmation; the addition of a removable jewelry pendant makes it easy to wear one’s biggest wishes as little works of art around one’s neck.

An Artful Journey  |  Nina Bagley

This will be a rich and rewarding time spent with fellow kindred spirits, discussing and implementing a wide variety of mixed media and jewelry techniques. Methods we’ll explore include wire wrapping, "Nina knot" and link making, drilling (metal, cardboard and wood), grid formation (wire, mat board and wood), and general brainstorming for attachment of dimensional found objects and blending of sewing/metals/papers. If you’d like to focus on making a simple pendant that is incorporated into embellishment for your shadowbox, we’ve got ample time for that. Think of these three days as fellowship, sharing, learning, exploring, nudging, embellishing, combining, dreaming, shrine building, ornament/box building. Sound like something you’d enjoy? I can promise you it will be…

An Artful Journey  |  Nina Bagley
An Artful Journey  |  Nina BagleyAn Artful Journey  |  Nina BagleyAn Artful Journey  |  Nina Bagley

Materials to bring from home

(items with asterisks available from

Click here for a printable supply list.

  • Small pair of jeweler’s needle-nosed pliers and small pair of wire snips*
  • Cutting pad and utility knife (exacto), metal ruler, scissors
  • PVA glue* and paintbrush (I used a small one with tapered wooden handle tip for detail, and a wider brush for fabric attachment to lid); we will use the small tapered handle in our wire work
  • Scrap paper (I used vintage wallpapers, dictionary pages, old ledger paper, etc – will be torn into long strips and rolled into "scrolls")
  • Several strips of framer’s mat board, pre-cut for several pieces that measure your box’s width a and depth (my box is 6 1/2" wide, and 1" deep; I used lengths of mat board strips with those same measurements; leave some strips a bit longer so you can tinker with them in class)
  • Paint, rubber stamps and pads, optional
  • Pencil and pen
  • cup for water, paper towels
  • box (I used a metal vintage one, but a cigar box or even a sturdy cardboard one covered in brown kraft paper will do); mine has a hinged lid
  • Wire, 20 gauge* - any metal will do (small spool, can be found in craft stores and framing department of hardware stores)
  • Approx. 6-8" of scrap jewelry chain (larger, more open links are easier for attachment)
  • Fabric scraps and batting, small amount the size of lid interior – two pieces for layering, with one piece being slighter larger than the other
  • A few sewing straight pins
  • Vintage fabric trimmings (tatting, ribbon, embroidery thread and needle)
  • Beads and findings for fabric embellishment, optional
  • Found objects for pendant dangle at bottom of box
  • Printed lines of poetry and quotes, optional
  • Small bits of mica, optional*
  • If anyone has a small fiskars hand drill, I’d appreciate your bringing to share with the class; I’ll bring mine as well; I’ll also bring small saws/blades, and will provide a vintage watch fob clasp for each of you.

My "Last Night’s Dream" Intentions Box is featured in the newly-released book The Pulse of Mixed Media, by the wonderful Seth Apter (

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