Sharing the bounty…

Lest you think my ‘hunting and gathering’ interests lie exclusively with fabrics, think again. I love vintage ledgers, old script, diaries, bookkeeping records, all of them. They conjure up memories of summers spent at my grandparent’s in Walnut Grove–a much simpler, slower time.

It’s impossible to convey in a photo just how HUGE these books are–they are so heavy that I can’t even lift the three of them (and I carry around both grandkids all the time!). They date from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s and were filled with layer upon layer of old invoices at one time. Some of them are missing now, but there are still plenty to share! (I can only claim 1/2 ownership of the largest book, due to an unintentional Ebay ‘bidding war’ with a friend, but that’s a story for another time!)

And this gorgeous book from a horse stable has page after page of meticulous handwritten records of “horses bought and sold” from 1901-1905. It was not inexpensive, but worth every penny.

So here’s my offer. Leave a comment on my blog and I’ll randomly choose someone next Sunday to receive a Provisions packet with an emphasis on vintage papers.

Here’s a sampling of what you might receive…

I’ll get back to fabrics on my next give-away, as that definitely seems to be Max’s preference….

40 thoughts on “Sharing the bounty…”

  1. Hi Cindy,

    I am “itching” to get to your retreat – maybe not in February, but hopefully in July. Last Spring, at ArtFest, I met your good friend Stephanie Thiel. I too, love old ledgers etc. and found one at an old market/antique shope that was closing in Hydesville, Ca. – about 15 minutes from my home in Fortuna (Humboldt County). Someday I’ll share it with you…

  2. What a delicious find. I just love perusing vintage finds and pondering about their previous owners. Can’t wait for the retreat in Feb! I’m so excited. This is my first time.

  3. I love those old books too and you have a couple of beauties. Old diaries are fun to collect and I also like old prescription books – the paper gets all crinkled and worn and is fun to work with.


  4. Oh, Cindy you did gather some wonderful treasures…I also LOVE old paper. The writing is so beautiful and the history that comes with it is fabulous. I would love a packet of goodies. Pick me! Pick me!

  5. I would give just about ANYTHING, including my left hand, for that old horse farm ledger. SERIOUSLY. if you ever feel a desire or need to part with any of it, LET ME KNOW.

    Aside from that … PROVISIONS = HAPPINESS = the perfect “background” or even “foreground” for a mixed media project.
    YAY for you having such a nice stash!

  6. Hi Cindy! Would LOVE to have one of these lovely ledgers. From one packrat, er–scrounger, ummm–COLLECTOR, to another–
    Lorie in Phoenix

  7. Wow – what a fabulous collection of vintage papers. Beautiful to look at, can’t wait to see what you do with them. And, of course, i’d love to have a few myself.

  8. I absolutely LOVE old papers, esp. old ledger pages. Maybe I’ll get lucky with this blog giveaway. I also need to do a blog giveaway really soon. Great job on the retreats, BTW.

  9. I am particularly smitten with the ledger from the horse stable. It is absolutely stunning. The beautiful handwriting and meticulous notations…so common then and so rare now.
    I could find so many uses for the goodies in my collage work. Thank you for your generosity. Please enter me in the drawing!

  10. Hi, What lovely books! I think old books are magical! I love the pages, the colors, the feel, and the smell! They are beautiful, and I would love some of yours! suzanne

  11. Oh my gosh those books are amazing! I would love to just sit and look thru them and imagine the person actually writing in them all those years ago.


  12. There is something so fascinating about old paper and especially hand written notes! I love the feel of the paper, the linen, the smell, and the way that people wrote is beyond compare. Today we are not teaching our children to write nearly as interestingly as they did back then. These old papers, particularly the French papeprs I have found, do beautiful things when you add resin to them. They become like translucent angel wings! Thanks for sharing your find! Enjoy the day! Erin

  13. hi. l just really enjoy your blog and wish l lived in the USA instead of the UK. your country really does support and produce amazing craft artists. Craft in england is still considered 2nd class compared to “Art”. l fight this problem all the time.
    your books are amazing…l can almost smell that “old book” smell! l make books and alter books so..anything like this is longed for!ha. Who ever receives the lovely prize….ENJOY!lynda
    ps…thanks for having the prize for us in the first place.x

  14. Wonderful, these old hand written books. I always wonder who did the writing and what kind of person he/she was.
    The books are so beautiful! Precious… Would love to get some of these beautiful pages.

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