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Returning to the flock…

Wow, over a year has gone by since the last Artful Journey retreat, and even more time has passed since I posted here.   I took 2015 off from holding an event so that I could get my house in order (literally and figuratively).  Last spring and summer is a blur as I did some remodeling, upgrading and landscaping (yes, all at the same time) to my home. Now that the major work is done, I get to tweak things a bit and just enjoy my new surroundings.


I love watching the birds bathing in the little bubbler, gathering on the feeder, even making a nest in one of the (what I thought was just decorative) birdhouses.  I watch them as they care for one another, sharing their new home with the hummingbirds, the squirrels, lizards, and even MadMax.  It’s a little community with their own language and understandings of how to live together and support one another (unless Max has other ideas).


It reminds me of how much I miss my ‘flock’ of students and instructors who I’ve come to know over the years.  For a brief moment, I thought that 2014 would be my last retreat…but I was wrong.  I was given the clear sign that it wasn’t time–that those connections made over art and nature and stillness are too vital to my well-being.  I treasure the times I’ve spent up in the redwoods with all those talented souls, and I’m not nearly ready to move on.  I still have new friends to make, and old friends to meet up with.  I’m excited about the possibilities for next year as I start working on both retreats.  I’m ready to join up with the flock again and see what adventures and new memories are in store for us!