“The Altered View” with DJ Pettitt

I’m thrilled to announce the first Day Journey class! It’s titled “The Altered View” and it will take place on May 4 & 5 2009, at a local church in Los Gatos, CA. DJ will be teaching a number of exciting techniques, including her innovative method of altering photographs. For more class info, click on the link on the right and it will take you to the class description and other info. I’ll be taking sign-ups beginning on Sun. Feb 1–you’ll find a link to the sign-up form on this blog on Sunday, and on the website once it’s up (…soon, soon). I hope to see some of you in May!
This is a simple journal construction that she’ll be demoing…

here’s a closer look…

This is the ‘before’ photo (note tree on right)

And this is ‘after’ DJ did her magic!

A close-up of some of the texture and embellishing you’ll learn

and this is an altered pic of a simple photo of a bird…

She says “anyone can do this–the techniques are so easy, and so fun!!”

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